The Mavic 3 Pro is the latest and greatest drone from DJI, the world’s leading drone manufacturer. With a host of new features and improved specs, the Mavic 3 Pro is an ideal choice for both professional and amateur droneflyers.

One of the most impressive features of the Mavic 3 Pro is its new OcuSync 3.0 transmission system. This allows the drone to send video and images in up to 8K resolution, and provides a much larger range of up to 12 miles. This is a major improvement over the previous Mavic 2 Pro model, which had a transmission range of only 4.3 miles.

The Mavic 3 Pro also features an improved camera. It features a 1-inch CMOS sensor, which is capable of capturing 20 megapixel images, as well as 4K video at 60 frames per second. It also has an improved HDR video mode, which allows you to capture stunningly detailed images and videos.

The Mavic 3 Pro also has some great new flight features. It has improved obstacle avoidance, allowing it to sense and avoid obstacles up to 16ft away, and it also has an improved flight time of up to 34 minutes.

mavic 3 pro drone
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